Muay Thai On Line Classes

Now Available Tuesday & Wednesday 12 noon £5 per Class Pay as you Go 

Adult  Beginners Muay Thai  On Line Personal Training 

MSA Muay Thai training is for everybody who would like to get fit and build confidence. You can start at any age and any fitness level; we have created our beginner's classes to help you understand the basics at a pace that will suit you. 

Get On Line with 

Due to Corna Virus our gym classes have been suspended until further notice We hope you will come  & see us soon 

On Line Training is now available 

We recommend for Personal On Line Training that you start training once a week to build and maintain your fitness level. We can give you the skills to practice in between your lessons at home Resources will be available soon

Muay Thai for Kids

If On line Training is something that would interest parents right now please contact us directly 

Some of you that have trained with us before may be interested in having on line Muay Thai tuition for the kids especially at the moment helping with bordom &  routine If we can help to keep things a as normal as possible for them it will help them feel a little more safe in the frightening times we are facing at the moment


We  are here to help and guide your child towards greater self confidence and better physical condition.  MSA training will improve your child’s balance, coordination, flexibility, fitness and strength.  

We will help with fundamental life skills and instilling respect for self and others, compassion and consideration, social responsibility, confidence, discipline, courage and honour and it's also great fun 

Tuition is provided by fully qualified DBS checked MTQ (Muay Thai Qualified ) Red & White Band Instructors.

Ladies Muay Thai On Line Personal Training

Muay Thai ladies On Line Personal Training is taught by a lady instructor for keep fit including stretching boxing elbow knees & kicks it  is a very effective workout which burns calories & develops confidence fitness & leaves you feeling totally energised. It also gives you a practical efective self defence  system that helps you become self aware. 

"Woman's self Defence quote here"

Muay Thai is an excellent and enjoyable way to improve fitness and to lose weight

Intermediate & Advanced Muay Thai On Line Personal Training 

MSA Adult Muay Thai Advanced On Line Training  offer the more experienced practitioner all the technical techniques needed to become the best they can be whether you wish to train for keep fit or competition

Muay Boran

On Line Personal Training 

Muay Boran techniques are taught focusing on this ancient martial art form. You will be taught easy step by step moves that build in to a range of locking throwing stand up & groundwork combinations 

Please Ignore this Time Table  Below Gym Classes are now suspended 


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