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 Muay Thai & Muay Boran On Line Live Personal Training for Intermediates & Seniors 

MSA Adult Muay Thai Senior Personal Muay Thai Training  offer the more experienced practitioner all the techniques needed to become the best they can be for fitness & competition.

Grand Master Sken has a wealth of Muay Thai experience spanning over 50 years He concentrates his Muay Thai & Muay Boran classes improving the students technical ability many who go on to train to become MSA Instructors and /or become champions who compete in the ring at amateur or professional levels. The programmes are designed to keep you motivated and physically fit within a learning environment.


If you are looking to progress your Muay Thai training, the Intermediate & Senior On Line Personal Training  is the way to go

Fighter Training

Grand Master Sken's experience in training the fighter has spanned over 40 years of training some of the best calibre Muay Thai fighters in the world.

  • Carl Thompson Nicknamed: The Cat: 

  • Phil Nurse New York: 

  • André Mannaart: Mejiro Gym Amsterdam

  • Oliver Harrison:

  • Sandy Holt

  • Rick Lewis

  • Trevor Hine

  • Paul Tite

  • Glen Tabois

  • Peter Davies

Muay Boran

Most People have heard of Muay Thai or Thai Boxing but not many people practice Muay Boran – Muay Thai actually originates from Muay Boran.Translated, "ancient boxing". Grand Master Sken is working hard to introduce Muay Boran to the modern world to show how efectively both  Muay Thai for competition and Muay Boran for self defence using locking throwing & grappling  work together. 

Muay Thai Fighters

Grand Master Sken & the MSA Team have also been at the Muay Thai promotion forefront for many years promoting fighters at some of the biggest and best Muay Thai shows in the UK.


List of MSA Fighters

Meeting your goals

Are there any limitations?


Strength, size, age, background and fitness level are all factors that can pose barrier – but only to the extent you allow them to hold you back.


True champions see 'weaknesses' as challenges to grow and as opportunities to transform themselves into what they truly can be.


We understand that your goals are your own and not everyone wants to become an invincible fighting machine. Always seek to improve your fitness and improve your ability to defend yourself - whilst enjoying the experience of training in a fun and friendly atmosphere!

If you would like On Line Live Private or Group Tuition, book a convenient time for you.

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