MSA Academy's Worldwide 

MSA Academies are MSA Clubs that are full members of MSA Association. MSA full time Academies have been supporting MSA for many years.


Highly qualified  through Grand Master Sken they have achieved a high ranking becoming Qualified  as  MSA MTQ Kru Instructor with their own part time or full time Academy  

Their achievements 

Promoted Muay Thai over 40 years combined dedication

MTQ Muay Thai Instructors Level 1 - Level 2   - Level 3

MTQ Muay Thai Grading Assessors 

Ranking up to 5 khan /Kruang Ruang.

Master Level 


They have competed and produced many champions in their own right.


Helped organise many Muay Thai shows and events. Their Academies are based throughout the United Kingdom and abroad If you would like to know more about what the MSA Muay Thai Academies offer See Academy Locations 

MSA MTQ Qualified 

MSA Academy Locations