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Covid Guidelines For Clubs & Instructors 

CLUB’S Guidelines - Instructors and students must follow strict Covid guidelines when holding classes within their clubs.


  • Clubs must follow strict hygiene through out their clubs 

  • Sanitisers should be available at all times 

  • Any surfaces to be cleaned regularly 

  • Equipment that is used eg hanging bags etc should be cleaned before and after use

  • All students should register their contact details with the club Covid -19 waiver screening and records must be updated 

  • All students must be registered for each lesson that they attend 

  • Instructors must have limited class sizes according to their venues 

  • Students must arrive no more than 5 minutes before a class starts 

  • No spectators must be allowed in the venue

  • All students should be in their training kit before they arrive

  • All students must have their own drinks and items required for a class

  • Social distancing is required at all times a minimum of 2 meters whilst in the building 

  • Good ventilation in facilities is required at all times 

  • A one way system must be observed when entering and leaving the building 

  • Students must stager themselves and leave a 2 meter distance when entering and leaving the building 

  • All venues must have clear signage to explain clearly the venues Covid system 

  • All persons entering the venue must have a temperature check 

  • Sanitisers must be used frequently and when entering or leaving a class or venue 

  • All persons must avoid contact


  • Not allowed to Train (STOP)

  • If any student has a temperature above (38 degrees)

  • You have a persistent cough and respiratory problems 

  • You have had contact with any possible source of virus 

If you have any of the above please stay home and contact the NHS 111 and contact your instructor immediately  

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