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Working with Communities 

MSA love's working with the community and the different groups with in it especially if we can help to make a positive difference with in young peoples lives. Muay Thai  appeals to many people especially the young disadvantaged section of the community and who mostly are not able to have this kind of outlet because of circumstance.


We work alongside community groups, schools, councils and the private sector offering tailored training packages where groups can try out what we do. 


Muay Thai is often perceived alongside traditional boxing as a violent sport,  however this is not the case when used as a tool to change behavior in a positive way when taught as an outlet and delivered in structured programmes it offers a great many  benefits, that can only be found in these kind of sports.


We can offer a safe place for young people to express themselves in a controlled area. Concentrating on mentoring discipline confidence building physical and mental well being helping to be part of a solution and to put a little bit of structure and fun back in to some young peoples lives.


If this is of interest please contact us we would love to get involved. 

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