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Do I have to be Fit to Start 

Can I train at any Age

You dont have to be fit to start. We will help you build your fitness through our classes 

What is MTQ  

We cater for any age we have adapted our classes so that you can train accordingly.In any of our classes  you can take breaks and do our training at a pace that will suit you helping you to build up  safely  

MTQ are Muay Thai Qualification's we have many students who wish to help others by passing on the skills they have learnt. We offer a service that gives them a platform where they can learn to teach safely within guidelines. Many of our MTQ Instructors go on to open their own schools knowing they have a back up service to help support and guide them. to find out more contact us  

Do I have to be a Fighter to Train Personal Training or Classes

You dont have to be a fighter 95% of our customers do our training for keep fit and self defence. Our classes are geared to keeping you fit and healthy.

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