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Welcome to MSA Master Sken Academy Instructor Training. We are one of the world's leading Muay Thai training providers.

We have over 40 years experience training high caliber martial arts professionals delivering high quality training with the world renowned Grand Master Sken at our helm. Putting our students at the centre of everything our programme's are designed to give you the tools you would need to work with allowing you to gain knowledge in abundance from our highly qualified team of experts.


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Muay Thai Instructors. 

Run your own Club & Learn How to increase your Teaching Skills in Muay Thai 

We are an independent Association Politics Free 


Existing Clubs & Instructors Around the World who want to holm their skills & pass on their teaching knowledge without loosing their identity .  Join MSA Association 

With an MTQ qualification you can be sure that you are getting one of the best Muay Thai courses in the World

MTQ (Muay Thai Qualification) Courses

Our courses are divided in to course levels starting from

MTQ Level 1 Trainee Instructor Red Band

MTQ level 2  Fully Qualified Instructor  Red White Band. 

MTQ Level 3 Master Programme 


We base the courses around 


  • Muay Thai Health & Safety with in the sport.

  • Muay Thai & how to teach different types of Muay Thai classes safe & effectively,

  • How to plan classes making them enjoyable & keeping class retention rates high

  • Mentoring & supporting the student & Instructor  

  • Competition and ring sport  & the necessary skills to help to keep the fighter in peak physical & mental condition  

  • Corner man & how to support the fighter.

  • Children's & adults programmes available for MTQ Instructors to tap in to at times to suit them  from our on line learning centre.


We can advise and help you to create & plan your course with you.

With every course you book we offer you full support and advice throughout your time with us

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The MSA Vision

MSA are aiming to create Muay Thai professionals who raise the standards throughout the industry.


We have worked with the registered body of Thailand WMC- World Muay Thai Council and the UKMF - The United Kingdom Muay Thai Federation and are committed to delivering quality and excellence throughout the MSA organization.

Join our MSA on line Muay Thai community & learn at a time that suits you. Sessions can be booked in advance. Tap in to Grand Master Sken's wealth of knowledge whether it be for Muay Thai Muay Boran or fighting systems. It couldn't be more easy you can now learn from wherever you may be located in the world.

 MSA Works With You & Your Club 

Become part of the MSA Team

MSA offers a support network for Muay Thai Trainers. We offer over 50 years of martial arts practical experience and over 35 years in business.


MSA Master Sken Academy Parkend Lydney Muay Thai support affiliates based throughout the United Kingdom. Through our network and combined knowledge we help Muay Thai Instructors to set up  their own clubs with confidence in the knowledge that they can run a successful Muay Thai Academy.


Our MSA Licencee package for Muay Thai Instructors under the guidance of Grand Master Sken offers the following package.


The MSA (Master Sken Academy) Licensee scheme.

  1. Master Sken Academy Licence

  2. Insurance

  3. DBS - Disclosure & Barring Service (Formaly known as the CRB)

  4. Personal Training with Grand Master Sken/MSA Club Members Discounts

  5. Seminars / Courses

  6. Grading

  7. Website

  8. Academy Events

  9. Interclub

  10. MSA Clothing Discounts 


A Life Time Of Achievement In Muay Thai 

Supporting Your Club Over 40 Years Experience in the Industry

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