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MTQ Muay Thai Qualification For Fitness Instructors  

MTQ Muay Thai Qualification for Fitness Instructors  

Exciting New Programmes Muay Thai Equipment & How to Use it Boxing Elbow Knee & Kick Certification & Insurance

On Line & Studio Bookings
Easy to book . Times to suit you & your life style 

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MTQ For Fitness Trainers 

Create interesting  work out's for your clients  with our MTQ Qualifications for Fitness Instructors 

We are offering MTQ Muay Thai Qualifications to PT Fitness  & Boxing Coaches.

MTQ Muay Thai Qualification for Fitness Trainers Level 1

This course is 10 hrs.

The  course’s cover a full range of Muay Thai techniques so that Trainers can add to their own knowledge and are able to pass on interesting Muay Thai programmes to their clients in a safe way. 


MTQ Muay Thai for Fitness Level 1 includes Basic Muay Thai for Trainer’s that have little or no experience in Martial Art. 


We focus on Stretching & Flexibility for Muay Thai - How to use Pads  & Focus Mitt’s correctly for Muay Thai - Basic Muay Thai Techniques including Boxing - Elbow - Knee - Kick - 

Muay Thai Stance and Basic Footwork 


MTQ Muay Thai for Fitness Trainers Elite MTQ Level 2 

This course is 8 hrs 

MTQ Muay Thai for Fitness Elite MTQ Level 2 includes Advanced Muay 

Thai for Trainer’s that have experience in Martial Art. 


This course Includes 

Equipment with 2 Pads - Bag work - Floor to Ceiling Ball - Thai Sticks Double Hand for Speed & Agility Defence & Attack -How to use it with Muay Thai Combination, Boxing Elbow Knee & Kick with Muay Thai Combinations & Defence. 


MTQ Courses are booked through Once you have paid for your course you can pre book all your sessions on your log in - Calendar 


The courses are flexible and run throughout the week they can be booked per hour or if you wish to fast track you can book up to 3 hours at a time by contacting us prior to you booking your slot 


This is a MTQ Certified Course. On successful completion of your course you will be given your certificate. MTQ Trainers will be able to join MSA Association and to be able to purchase their Instructors and Member to Member Martial Art Insurance

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MTQ Muay Thai for Fitness Instructors

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MTQ Certification & Insurance 

MTQ Certification 1 & 2 will be awarded on completion of your course 

If you wish to purchase our Martial Art insurance We offer Instructors Insurance or your Members Insurance please contact us for further details 

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