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Master Sken Teaching Muay Thai Grading

Muay Thai Grading 

Accessible 24/7 

Self Paced  Learning For  Students

Martial Arts Instructors & Fitness Trainers  

MSA Grading Packages can be accessed by students and Instructors. If Muay Thai students would like to grade they  

MSA Grading 

 Access Videos & Written Information for all Aspects of Grading 24/7

We are committed to giving  quality training to Students Clubs & Instructors


To be able to access our Grading package and videos is easy by going to Book a Plan - Grading Videos on  


The MSA Grading package is On Line 24/7 with over 70 Grading videos . If you are a Instructor or student who would like to grade you can purchase the video subscription with all the grading videos and documentation  

We also offer you the option to access personal grading assessment with Grand Master Sken Live On Line or in a Live gym facility..


MTQ Accredited Qualified Instructors who wish to grade their students can buy Grading Videos  Armbands & certificates to grade their own students in their own clubs by becoming an Association member 


MTQ Instructors can offer something special  for their students by  arranging for Grand Master Sken to attend group grading day's to qualify for higher grades

For MTQ Associate Instructors

We have a tailored personal training packages within the Instructor membership  to help you to explore new things to teach including the grading techniques keeping you motivated  and creative including full support and mentoring 

For Students & Instructors As  part of our Gold personal training packages we offer grading videos with the option to take online grading assessment by Grand Master Sken  

Ram Muay no 02.png

Muay Thai Grading  Grade from White Arm Band to Advanced Brown Level 3

Muay Thai Grading For Clubs & their Members   

Beginners - Intermediate -Advanced

Muay Thai  Grading

Our grading system can help students to stick to goals and achieve their full potential when training in Muay Thai. 

Some of the various levels :

  • Warm Up & Stretching 

  • Basic to advanced Muay Thai techniques 

  • Knowledge of where Muay Thai originated and its history.

  • Ram Muay Thai Dance. 

  • Self defence. 

  • Muay Boran. 

Muay Thai Grading Video Screen shot

Muay Thai Online Grading Videos

"Over 70 Muay Thai  videos  with written information Grading tuition videos, demonstrated by Grand Master Sken


Muay Thai Gold Package Personal Training & Grading 

Muay Thai Personal Training Gold Package with Grand Master Sken gives you four personal one to one online sessions and:

  • Four tailored sessions each month

  • Unlimited access to online grading videos

  • Grade from White Arm Band to Advanced Brown (level 3)

  • Book an online grading assessment and receive*

    • Live online grading assessment with Grand Master Sken​

    • MSA Grading certificate

    • Armband according to your grading level

  • 10% off MTQ Training level 01 

  • See our terms and conditions

Muay Thai Grading Online Assessment Leading to the MTQ Muay The Qualification


Advanced MTQ Muay Thai Qualification for Instructors 

Instructors have the option of staying completely independent or to advance their training to become a fully qualified Muay Thai MTQ Instructor & Assessor

This option enables them  to have mentoring & support to help them grow their clubs  

We provide separate packages for the Instructors to learn how to become a qualified Muay Thai Trainer

Find out more about  the Muay Thai Instructor Course  Here 

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