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Ladies Muay Thai On Line Personal Training For Fitness

Muay Thai training is an effective workout system for burning calories and developing a  well toned and younger looking body – not to mention keeping fit and feeling energised.


There is little doubt that Muay Thai is an excellent and highly enjoyable way to improve aerobic and anaerobic fitness by working all the muscle groups and, thereby, help create great body shape with muscle tone.


Additionally, Muay Thai exercises and fitness training deliver a practical and potentially life-saving benefits.


We recommend that you start training a couple of times a week to build and maintain your fitness level

Health & Fitness Practical self defence for Ladies

Whilst you are getting all the cardiovascular benefits, you will also learn techniques that will build your confidence and improve your ability to avoid - and deal with - physical confrontations.  Muay Thai training is an explosive, high impact training system & great for building your fitness & confidence .


It is ideally suited towards female (and, male) self protection. Although there are numerous techniques that can be learnt, the core Muay Thai moves are simple and when combined appropriately, become devastatingly effective.

One to one On Line Ladies Live Personal Training 


Our On Line Persoanl Training sessions are designed to help you on your way, progressing gradually at your own pace.


To us, you will always be a valued and very much unique individual – and never just 'a number'.

Our On Line  Ladies Personal Training is taught by a fully qualified friendly female  MTQ instructor 

A friendly Lady Instructor with over 37 years experience 


Why Muay Thai should be part of your life.

Personal Live on Line Training is for the ladies to help to show what Muay Thai is all about and how it may help you to achieve things in life that you may not have thought possible. I started over 35 years ago not really thinking that it would change my life . I have been teaching now for many of these years and at 58 years old feel the fittest and the most healthiest i have ever been.


Muay Thai when training regularly has so many benefits. It not only makes you fit but it gives you something interesting to think about whilst you are doing it. It builds your confidence by helping to strengthen the body and also the mind. Because you have to really think about what moves you are doing it challenges your co ordination balance whilst increasing your speed and stamina. Most sports have these benefits but for me learning about something as you go along focuses the mind away from day to day life so the hours i spend doing Muay Thai go quickly diverting me away from the stresses and strains of the day.


There are also great benefits for those of us who are getting that bit older and who are finding our bodies are changing. As women we all have our hang ups and health issues but on a day today level dont realise that most of the reasons for the health problems like depression weight gain aches and pains are due to us not doing enough of the right kind of exercise. I have found spending one hour at least twice a week doing Muay Thai can stimulate all of these things in a positive way making me more aware and more disciplined about how i lead my life.


Children can also take these positives giving them something active and exciting to do helps to give them somewhere safe to have an outlet but also teaches them discipline and values at the same time.

If you would like to come and join us or just want to find out more please contact me at contact@mas

Meeting your goals

Are there any limitations?


Strength, size, age, background and fitness level are all factors that can pose barriers – but dont let that hold you back.

We understand that your goals are your own and not everyone wants to become an invincible fighting machine so we have tried to adapt our classes so that there is somehting to suit everyone 


We would like you to enjoy your experience so we will make it fun and friendly You can go at your own pace, if you want to have a chat with us before you take the next step please do not hesitate to contact us  


Contact us for a free trial

If you would like to try out one Muay Thai and experience how Muay Thai training can benefit your fitness mind & body contact us to arrange a week long training pass, ABSOLUTELY FREE!

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