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Muay Thai for Kids

For children from 6 to 13 years.


Concentrating on teaching values dicipline team work & confidence we focus on strong core basic techniques  for the beginners & more advanced for the kids that have been training with us for longer, These classes are great fun whilst helpng them become more scocial 


The class covers aerobic warm-up, basic exercises, stretching with many muay Thai tecniques . Training will involve shadow boxing, pad work, kick bags and partner drills.

We focus on safety at all times helping them to feel confident and building life skills at the same time.

Tuition is provided by fully qualified CRB checked MTQ (Muay Thai Qualified ) red & white band instructors.

Watch your child progress

After getting an understanding of basic techniques, students will then be able to progress onto senior levels where they will be taught increasingly advanced techniques and systems which will build dynamic stamina and endurance. Advanced techniques are aimed at developing discipline, mental and physical strength and to help build a strong foundation of Muay Thai skills.

Our instructors introduce new techniques  regularly and will give personal attention to ensure that each child benefits from the class.

Your child can progress from White, Yellow and Green armbands, and with enough commitment; all the way through to red armband 



Compeition for Children

Kids Grading

We have implemented a student tracking system based around grading to monitor their activities and achievements throughout their time with us. It is important for both adults & children to have goals & be able to assess how well they are doing. Our grading is a great way to build confidence & learn with in a structure that can enhance their techniques. Many of our students who grade often go on to become assistant Instructors Trainee Instructors or fully qualified Instructors.

Kids Competition


—Kids are naturally energetic and need to find safe ways of being able to release this energy. Training Muay Thai builds many skills & for some students it is important that they can  challenge this in a more realistic environment. Competing in the ring allows healthy competition where they can show their skills against another competitor matched against somebody who is at their own level and ability. Safety is of paramount importance and all students are fully prepared mentally & physically before they can take part. Protective clothing is worn a all times and experienced instructors are the key to helping them achieve a high level of competency & confidence before competing. Only Children who show an interest in competition and have been training in our main classes will be invited into this class.

Free trial - 1 weeks free lessons


Contact us for a free trial

If you would like to try out one Muay Thai and experience how Muay Thai training can benefit your fitness and fighting technique contact us to arrange a week long training pass, ABSOLUTELY FREE!

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