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MSA Association 


Officially Recognised by:

  • International Muay Thai Federation UK

  • International Muay Thai Federation Worldwide 

  • A.I.M.T.A. Association Institute of Thai Martial Art 

  • Thai Culture Forum UK






For Muay Thai for Associate Clubs & Instructors  Forma S.I.M.T.A Sitnarong International Muay Thai Association 


For Muay Thai for Associate Members Clubs & Instructors 

Muay Thai Courses - Gradings -Certification -Muay Thai Training 


An Independent Muay Thai Association forma  SIMTA - Sitnarong International Muay Thai Association founded in 1981 By Grand Master Sken Kaewpadung


It is essential that we keep Muay Thai alive MSA Association is doing As much as they can to Support Clubs Instructors and their students. We are bridging the gaps to help students to keep learning by offering easily accessible training and qualifications both Live and On Line 



Read About Who We Are and our Pedigree We our proud of our achievements Being independent we can offer a modern approach without loosing our traditions, quality is the key to our success and the survival of our sport.


Grand Master Sken Kaewpadung  has been awarded, recognised & worked alongside many organisation through out his lifetime in Muay Thai 


2009 Contribution to Muay Thai & the Country of Thailand - Minister of Sport of Culture and Education of Thailand 

2000 Presented Blazer of Honour for the contribution in Muay Thai and Thailand By Minister of Sport Thailand 

2012 Life Time Achievement Award By Martial Art Illustrated Authorised by Hall of Fame Authority 

2014 World Wide Martial Arts Council - As Grand Master Of The Martial Arts - Muay Thai 


2009 Presented The Honour of Grand Master - By Kru Muay Thai Association 

2014 Special Award for the contribution of Muay Thai and Martial Art International Martial Arts Association - Presented By Grand Master Samuel Kwok

1998 Special Award Muay Thai & Krabi Krabong  By The IAMTF 


2018 United Kingdom Muay Thai Awards Organisation  - Pioneer of Muay Thai within the UK 

1996 Awarded A Member of Thailand Professional Boxing Council Bangkok Thailand

2011 Special Award By the Canadian Amateur Muay Thai Association 

MSA Master Sken

The Birth of SIMTA 1981 & MSA 2010 -2021


SIMTA Sitnarong International Muay Thai Association 


The BritishThai boxing Council & SIMTA 


In 1985 Sandy Holt Keith Grainger Ann Grainger Grand Master Woody worked tirelessly to find a way to bring Grand master Sken back to the UK from Holland  Forming the British thai boxing council with the help and support of Mr John forester, at the time labour MP for Stoke on Trent worked closely with Mr Stephen Canter his solicitor finally brought him back to the UK shores. 


Making Grand Master Sken the chief instructor of the newly founded association 

In 1981 Grand  Master Sken was granted a work permit and visa to stay in the UK


When Grand Master Sken  came back to England he promoted Muay Thai more for sport competition and fitness 


The British Thai boxing Council disbanded soon after his return where Grand Master Sken formed his own association SIMTA - Sitnarong international Muay Thai Association

Working alongside  his newly formed Sitnarong Camp he produced many Instructors and world champions 

Between 1985 -1991 Many SIMTA Champions were fighting and winning 

Kru Carl the Cat Thompson Became World Champion 

Kru Oliver Harrison - World Champion 

Kru Sandy Holt European Champion 

Martin Holmes European Champion & World Champion Trained by Po Lindvall under `Grand Master Sken  

William Hilditch British Champion

Phil Nurse -European Champion 

And many more 


SIMTA Growth 

SIMTA Instructors also went on to play a large part in the growth of SIMTA creating many British and world champions under the association and Grand Master Sken’s guidance 



SIMTA grew over 35 instructors and supported their schools and students to over 4500 members 

With The Purpose of SIMTA to support Instructors and their students and to promote Muay Thai through  events and  promotion through the media and television creating amazing Muay Thai demonstrations in different countries around the world  


The SIMTA /MSA Muay Thai Events  have been televised around the world by 

Screen sport TV Night of combat Thailand Live Television-Screen sport and Euro sport


SIMTA /MSA - Grading 


The SIMTA /MSA Grading system has been developed to help students to understand Thailand  and its Culture, Muay Thai and Muay Boran  showing instructors how to teach students of all abilities and levels 

SIMTA - MSA promote quality Muay Thai through a deep understanding of the sport and safe  instruction.

Accepted by the Martial Art Commission in 1981 SIMTA has used the grading system to support and grow SIMTA/ MSA  instructors to develop their schools


Over a lifetime of investment Grand Master Sken MSA has carried the SIMTA legacy on and emerged strong with a mission to continue to give quality training in all aspects of Muay Thai 

If you are an Instructor or club and would like to Join The MSA Association or apply to become a member as an MSA Affiliate Club Join Us please contact us at 




Under the guidance of Grand Master MSA Association will continue on where SIMTA has left off.

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