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Muay Thai  Fitness For Ladies  

Beginners- Intermediate -Advanced

Muay Thai Live Personal Training On Line 

Train with Kru Kay  

If You would like to train with Kru Kay  try our live personal  Muay Thai sessions. They are for one hour  £25 per person per hour including

  • Warm Up & Stretching 

  • Muay Thai Techniques depending on what level you would like to learn.

  • A Warm Down.

This lesson is tailored around you working with you to help you to keep physically & mentally fit & to be able to learn the techniques correctly.  You will improve your knowledge as a beginner intermediate or experienced student. 


Muay Thai For You  

Fitness Confidence Mental & Physical Health

Stretching Flexibility Cardio Balance Co ordination 

Train with Kru Kay 

Step by Step

Easy to learn techniques 

A great way of keeping fit & healthy   


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