Live On Line Beginners Muay Thai

MSA Muay Thai training is for everybody who would like to get fit and build confidence. You can start at any age and any fitness level;

We recommend that you start training a couple of times a week to build and maintain your fitness level

Go at your own pace

We have created our beginner's classes to help you understand the basics at a pace that will suit you.

The On Line Persoanal Training is taught by Grand Master Sken & Kru Kay experienced MTQ (Muay Thai Qualified Trainers) with over 40 Years of experience  

Grand Master Sken 


Having a lifetime of experience starting in his home country Thailand Coming to the UK he was the first to help to set up the standards in Muay Thai in England. Having studied sport at Bangkok University he passionately passes all his knowledge & skills to others 

MTQ Muay Thai Qualified Instructors

Kru Kay Kaewpadung 

Kru Kay has studied Muay Thai for 37 years with her husband Grand Master Sken Travelling throughout the world with him demonstrating & promoting the sport she teaches full time adults & children with all her wealth of knowledge & skills acquiered throught her many years  in Muay Thai

Beginner On Line Personal Training  are provided by

G M Sken & qualified MTQ (Muay Thai Qualified) instructors.

Keeping you motivated

We recommend that you start training a couple of times a week to build and maintain your fitness level this will also help you to learn the techniques you will be given in your On Line Personal Training session.


We have many programmes that you will learn over time. Motivation is a key part of maintaining your training routine and we recommend you follow our grading system this is built in to your class training helping you to guage how well are improving week by week.


We will give you all the required information about our Grading which will be coming on line soon the beginning of If you would like to try our MSA Muay Thai Beginners On Line Training 


Contact us for a free trial

If you would like to try out our FREE Muay Thai Trial and experience how Muay Thai training can benefit you contact us to arrange a training pass, ABSOLUTELY FREE!

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