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MSA Master Sken Association

MSA Association for Instructors 


Officially Recognised by:

  • International Muay Thai Federation UK

  • International Muay Thai Federation Worldwide 

  • A.I.M.T.A. Association Institute of Thai Martial Art 

  • Thai Culture Forum UK

MSA Association


MSA Association  for MTQ Qualified Instructors

  • Run Independently as a  Club or Personal Trainer

  • or Become  an MSA Master Sken Academy in a full time Premises or  Part Time Leisure Facility 

  • Muay Thai Instructors

  • Martial Art's  Instructors

  • Personal Training  Coaches

MSA Association for Qualified Instructors 

  • MSA Grading - Resources - Videos - Muay Thai Clips 

  • Learn how to to Grade through Instructional Grading Videos 

  • Grading Assessment On Line & in club facilities  

  • MTQ  Instructors Muay Thai Qualifications 

  • MTQ instructors Assesors & Khan Grade Qualifications  

  • MSA Students Grading Certification for Instructors to  purchase On Line 

  • Associate Club Insurances On Line 

  • Easily Booked Muay Thai Training  On Line or live training 


MSA Master Sken Academies


For Muay Thai Students 

Taught By MTQ Instructors

For Muay Thai Martial Arts Students

& Fitness 

MSA Academies are full members of

MSA Association 

Personal Training & 


  • For all Your Muay Thai Classes

  • Personal Training

  • Grading & Competition   

Personal Training & Classes


Held On Line - Or at a physical location.  All booked through our website.


By continuing access to training you can benefit from consistency helping you keep physically & mentally fit 

On Line Muay Thai Training is permanently available


Physical MSA Club classes run alongside the On Line Classes   

We are bridging the gaps to help students to keep learning by offering easily accessible training  both Live physical locations and On Line 

We provide invaluable  24/7 On Line Resources 

24/7 On Line Muay Thai Training Clips & Resources