About Kru Kay 

Co Founder of MSA Master Sken Association - MSA Academies

Kru Kay Hampson (Kaewpadung)

Kru Kay is the director and co founder of MSA Master Sken Association. 


She  is a fully qualified MTQ Instructor teaching adults and children for over 35 years


Creating & innovating with in the Association she has a wealth of knowledge and experience within business.


She runs and supports the MSA Academies  and has  helped to develop the MTQ Instructor Training Courses 


Kru Kay  has been training  teaching and promoting Muay Thai with Grandmaster Sken for over 35 years, teaching all levels in Muay Thai and is a Red White Blue 5th Degree MTQ instructor .


Kru Kay has travelled worldwide with Grandmaster Sken  and was a member of his acclaimed demonstration team.  She worked as the MSA  Event co-ordinator for the MSA Muay Thai promotions that were held throughout the UK 


Kru Kay has exceptional skills and knowledge in Muay Thai which she passionately passes on to members of the Master Sken Academies which are   popular with mixed groups, ladies’ junior fighters and kids classes built around exciting programmes for competition, keep fit, wellbeing and a common sense approach to practical self defence.