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Muay Thai Mental & Physical Wellbeing Post Covid

Muay Thai is often thought of as being too violent and too physical for most people and the perception is that only the 18 to thirty something can train in the sport. There are some truths, when watching Muay Thai events it often only portray's the fighter in peak condition throwing every conceivable technique to eliminate their opponent.

Little is seen of the incredible work the instructors do behind the media portrail of the sport. Most Muay Thai Instructors are highly skilled and have spent many years training competing and taking care of their students and a their club's. They go that extra mile by helping their members in all aspects of their training and what they would like to achieve.

Martial art's unlike the fitness industry is based around Asian culture which is extremely diverse having a deep philosophy it can be a great tool when students do personal training sessions and classes. All sport are based on discipline, martial art's more than most, when incorporated into teaching children and young people it gives them a better understanding of why it is important to respect their teachers, parents class mates and friends. Adults also benefit from building the discipline into their workouts keeping them on track and building a structure into their daily routine.

Confidence is hard to achieve these days when there is so much bullying in schools and the workplace by building up a set of routines within your Muay Thai Training combined with coordination balance, speed, accuracy, defence, footwork and breathing, it becomes a practical self defence which is not only physical, more importantly, it can be used to defend yourself by being more confident and assertive.

Covid has thrown many of us into chaos, our lives have become very uncertain in so many ways. By giving yourself just one hour twice a week exercising, can change the way you feel and think Arranging your day will become easier bringing more clarity releasing your stress and making you healthier.

If you think it is time to make some changes, treat yourself to an hour or two of some Muay Thai classes you might be surprised at just how good you can feel.


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