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MTQ Muay Thai Qualification Why Bother with a qualification

If you are training in a sport  step back for one moment and ask yourself what  prompted you to start in the first place.

Fitness, mentally and physically?

Confidence socialising and getting out doing something good for yourself,

Are you Competitive  and need an outlet

whatever the reason there was an urge in you to find something that would make you feel better about yourself and who you are.

And are you someone who has stuck at the sport that you do ?

Have you found something that lights a passion and a determination that you’ve never really felt before. Are you suddenly spending time thinking about how you can excel and become better pushing yourself to learn more.

To be passionate about what you are doing is amazing it  gives you a rush of adrenaline whenever you think about it.

But what it also gives is a feeling of wanting to share your passion with others, a genuine feeling of wanting to make others light up when you are telling them about what you do.

Have you found skills that other people want to learn, it gives you the best feeling of all, If you have.

For all these reasons

Teaching - Giving  time and knowledge helping yourself and helping others.

Quality, Knowledge, Safety, Structure, Guidance ,Mentoring and much more

The MTQ Muay Thai Qualification is a qualification that is based on all of the above.

MTQ Qualified Muay Thai Instructors can channel their passion in to a structure that they can rely on giving them standards, setting the bar high for students ,excelling themselves in the sport they love.

To keep standards high comes from allowing people to access what you are doing so that they can  see what you have achieved, Your passion and your dedication, your constant learning and evolving,

With recognition you will  be shouting out about your greatest passion is to everyone and allowing them to see what they can do and achieve.

If you would like further information about our MTQ courses get in touch at

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