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MSA ArjaRn Master Awards 2023

Grand Master Sken - MSA - Master Sken Association former S.I.M.T.A. Sitnarong International Association are proud to announce Arjarn Mater Awards.

On Saturday 11th March 2023 Grand Master Sken took the first steps to present and recognise and award senior Kru Yai MSA Instructors as Arjarn/ Master's of Muay Thai.

These prestigious awards have been given by Grand Master Sken as recognition for over 40 years of the MSA Instructors dedication for promoting the sport and giving quality Muay Thai Instruction to generation of students around the world.

Why is Recognition so Important

Accessing Muay Thai has never been so easy through - television - social media - travelling abroad to Thailands holiday destinations and through dedicated Muay Thai clubs, all of which have played an important part in making its popularity grow.