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grand Master Sken awards Kru Sandy Holt former S.I.M.T.A. Member his Master Muay Thai Award

We would like to congratulate Master Sandy Holt for being awarded a Master of Muay Thai by Grand Master Sken on Saturday 12th November 2022. Master Sandy has dedicated his life to Muay Thai joining Grand Master Sken in 1977.

Master Sandy Holt was a young 20 year old when he first came to Grand Master Sken Originally training Karate he came to see a class that Master Sken was teaching and watched in awe the raw skills and dynamite movements of what was then a young 20 year old Thai Master of Muay Thai

He joined Master Sken and never looked back.

Master Sandy became one of the most dedicated students training every day travelling from Bolton to Manchester to train with now Grand Master Sken.

In 1978 Master Sken lost his British visa status and went to live in Holland Kru Sandy then continued to teach Master Sken's classes while helping to fight to bring Master Sken back to the uk

Grand Master Woody, Kru Keith Grainger and Kru Sandy Holt formed British Thai Boxing Council Association in which Master Sken was able to acquire his new Visa to allow him to return to the United Kingdom in 1981. British Thai boxing Council then became to political for Master Sken where he decided to leave and in 1985 he formed S.I.M.T.A. Sitnarong International Muay Thai Association, where Kru Sandy continued to help Master Sken to teach Master Sken Classes also forming his own club in Bolton.. Bolton Thai Boxing Club

Traveling to many UK cities and Europe he helped to promote Muay Thai demonstrating what he had learnt showing the amazing Muay Thai skills and techniques Grand Master Sken had taught him.

He went on to become one of Grand Master Sken best fighters under Sitnarong Camp. becoming British all style champion and Muay Thai Champion he fought against any rules and any martial art.

He became European Champion fighting against a Dutch national champion - Taken Domez - who was also European champion from the famous Chakuriki Gym in Amsterdam Holland, one of the best camps in holland at the time. He then retired from fighting and concentrated on teaching.

Demonstrating and promoting Muay He was also awarded Master in 2019 from Kru Muay Thai Association Grand Master Woody.

Having run his own Muay Thai Club for many year in Bolton we would like to wish him all the success in the future.

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