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Meet the MSA Team

Together we achieve the extraordinary

Our team has over 40 years of combined experience; we have produced many MTQ instructors, professional and amateur fighters some of whom have gone on to become international champions and trainers in Muay Thai. Our team works hard improving and innovating so that all our members can benefit from the various disciplines with in the sport. To find out more about our team read below:

Grandmaster Sken Kaewpadung

Grandmaster Sken is the founder Chief Instructor at the MSA Master Sken Academy. He was one of the first Thai Masters to bring the art of Muay Thai over to the west over 32 years ago. His knowledge of Muay Thai and Muay Boran is comprehensive and yet he endeavours to keep on learning and adapting his training systems. Even among his peers, he is one of the most respected and valued teachers in the world. His teaching and training methods have produced numerous exceptional coaches and (World, European and British) champions in Muay Thai and western boxing.


Kru Kay Hampson (Kaewpadung)

Kru Kay is the director and co founder of MSA Master Sken Academy she works behind the scenes creating & innovating from a wealth of knowledge and experience of 30 years with in Muay Thai. She has been training and teaching with Grandmaster Sken for over 30 years, teaching all levels in Muay Thai for over 20 years and is a Red White Blue 5th Degree MTQ instructor . Kay has travelled worldwide with Grandmaster Sken and was a member of his acclaimed demonstration team. Kay has exceptional skills and knowledge in Muay Thai which she passionately passes on to members of the Master Sken Academies popular ladies’ junior fighters and kids classes which are built around exciting programmes for competition, keep fit, wellbeing and a commonsense approach to practical self defence.


Corrina Bennett

Corrina has been working for MSA for two years she is an extremely valued member of our MSA team, hard working & dedicated. Working on front desk and behind the scenes she will always be there to greet and meet you with a warm and friendly smile. Corrina has a great deal of knowledge about Muay Thai having trained since an early age. She now passes her knowledge on to our new and existing members and trainers.


Kru Steven Peel

Kru Steven Peel has been teaching at the MSA headquarters in Stockport for one year. Trained under Grand Master Sken he achieved his MTQ - Muay Thai Qualification at the beginning of 2012. Training - beginner Muay Thai students he gives a complete breakdown with an in-depth knowledge of the sport.

Kru Steven always helps and guides our students in a positive way helping them move forward to achieve their goals.


Kru Simon Green

Kru Simon has been training in Muay Thai for 11 years at MSA Chorley under Kru Trevor Hine. Simon has competed at interclub level, and also in C class professional Muay Thai. Having the opportunity to train with such an excellent instructor and mentor (Kru Trevor Hine), enabled Kru Simon to pursue his goal of becoming an instructor.

In January 2012 he successfully completed Grand Master Sken's MTQ level 2 instructors course, at the MSA headquarters in Stockport, achieving a pass rate of 98% in the theory exam and 90% in the practical exam.

Kru Simon is now teaching at the MSA Headquarters Stockport under the guidance of Grand Master Sken, he has a wealth of knowledge and skill and will always go the extra mile to help the members and make them welcome.   


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