Muay Thai Terminology

Punch - Chok

Elbow - Sok

Knee - Khaow

Front Kick - Theep

Side Kick - Theep Kang

Back Kick - Theep Lhang

Jump Kick - Kradot Dtae

Shin - Khang

Throw - Thoom

Clinch/Wrestling - Bhramp

Roundhose Kick - Dthae

To Hit - Dtee

Fist - Mat

Ceremonial Headband - Mongkon

Armband - Kruang Rang

Respect To Teacher - Waikru

Boxing Stadium - Sanam Muay

Seconds - Pee Lang

Boxer(Thai Boxer) - Nak Muay

Professional Boxing Or Muay Thai - Muay Archeep

International Boxing - Muay Sahkon

Jumping Knee Or Flying Knee - Kao Loy

Over Arm Knee Attack - Kao Khong

Front Knee Attack - Kao Dtrong

Ritual Dance - Ram Muay

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Muay Thai Grading Origin

Traditionally Muay Thai grading did not exist before 1977. Master Sken Master Toddy and Master Woody on arriving in the UK began to teach Muay Thai and saw the need to assess and grade their students