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Muay Thai Grading Origin

Traditionally Muay Thai grading did not exist before 1977. Master Sken Master Toddy and Master Woody on arriving in the UK began to teach Muay Thai and saw the need to assess and grade their students on their abilities in the sport.

Following similar rigorous standards of other martial arts, they set up a syllabus using the Arm Band where other styles had used belts. The Prajeat/ Kuang Rang (Arm Band) historically the arm band was presented to warriors on the battle field by their Masters. In more modern times it has been presented to the fighter after being blessed believing it to have special magical powers, thought of as a charm or talisman. It was worn for good luck helping to keep the fighter safe during his battle/fight. The modern day fighter still wears the Arm Band usually presented to him by his Grand Master - Master or teacher

More recently the Muay Thai practitioners can be awarded his or her arm band through an assessment process called Rank. Each rank is awarding a student on his/her ability to show the technique clearly executing balance power speed and accuracy. The student will need to show that they have a good attitude and are humble and loyal towards their art and their Master.

Grand Master Sken - Grading The rank is determined by colour

White Arm Band /Kuang Rang Yellow Arm Band/ Kuang Rang Green Arm Band/ Kuang Rang Blue Arm Band /Kuang Rang Blue White Arm Band /Kuang Rang Brown Arm Band /Kuang Rang Brown 1 Arm Band /Kuang Rang Brown 2 Arm Band/ Kuang Rang Brown 3 Arm Band /Kuang Rang

Black/White Arm Band /Kuang Rang - Adult (18 years plus)