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Muay Thai Grading Origin

Traditionally Muay Thai grading did not exist before 1977. Master Sken Master Toddy and Master Woody on arriving in the UK began to teach Muay Thai and saw the need to assess and grade their students on their abilities in the sport.

Following similar rigorous standards of other martial arts, they set up a syllabus using the Arm Band where other styles had used belts. The Prajeat/ Kuang Rang (Arm Band) historically the arm band was presented to warriors on the battle field by their Masters. In more modern times it has been presented to the fighter after being blessed believing it to have special magical powers, thought of as a charm or talisman. It was worn for good luck helping to keep the fighter safe during his battle/fight. The modern day fighter still wears the Arm Band usually presented to him by his Grand Master - Master or teacher

More recently the Muay Thai practitioners can be awarded his or her arm band through an assessment process called Rank. Each rank is awarding a student on his/her ability to show the technique clearly executing balance power speed and accuracy. The student will need to show that they have a good attitude and are humble and loyal towards their art and their Master.

Grand Master Sken - Grading The rank is determined by colour

White Arm Band /Kuang Rang Yellow Arm Band/ Kuang Rang Green Arm Band/ Kuang Rang Blue Arm Band /Kuang Rang Blue White Arm Band /Kuang Rang Brown Arm Band /Kuang Rang Brown 1 Arm Band /Kuang Rang Brown 2 Arm Band/ Kuang Rang Brown 3 Arm Band /Kuang Rang

Black/White Arm Band /Kuang Rang - Adult (18 years plus)

This Armband has been introduced in to the syllabus for the Adult student who does not wish to teach Muay Thai but has already achieved an extremely high standard in the various techniques used in the sport, including Muay Boran Ring Sport, Spectacular Techniques.  It is the highest qualifying Grade before the MTQ Instructor Red Band Levels. Black/White Arm Band, qualified students can further their education by continuing on to the Red Band Instructor Levels or by taking certified MSA Courses which have been especially created to enhance their training ability in all the various aspects of the sport.

Red & Black Arm Band - Child (12 years – 17 years) Junior Leadership Red & Black Armband is a special award for young adults who wish to become mentors for the younger students. They are assed on leadership skills Muay Thai Techniques planning and helping in lessons. The first grades are traditionally held around every 2 months allowing the student to have time to develop their skills.

MTQ Instructors Red Adult (18 years) The Red band is given in recognition of being at a standard of which he/she can become an MTQ (Muay Thai Qualified) Trainee Instructor This level will allow the Trainee Instructor to be able to continue on to MTQ Instructor Level Khan Grade (Dan grade) his/her study will give the Instructor the opportunity to acquire the relevant Muay Thai Qualification to aquire accreditation, insurances for teaching with in his or her own school or at a facility

Grand Master Sken MTQ Instructor / Assessors The Khan grades are determined by rank and colour.

Red Arm Band Kuang Rang 1st Degree MTQ Trainee Instructor -Level 1

Red White Arm Band Kuang Rang 2nd Degree MTQ Instructor  -Level 2

Red Yellow Arm Band Kuang Rang 3rd Degree MTQ Instructor Level 2 /Assessor Level 1.(1) Red Green Arm Band Kuang Rang 4th Degree MTQ Instructor Level 2 / Assessor Level 1.(2) Red Blue Arm Band Kuang Rang 5th Degree MTQ Instructor Level 2 / Assessor Level 1.(3)

Red Brown Arm Band Kuang Rang 6th Degree MTQ Instructor Level 2 /Assessor Level 2.(1) Red Silver Arm Band Kuang Rang 7th Degree MTQ Instructor Level 2 /Assessor Level 2. (2)

Silver Master Arm Band Kuang Rang 8th Degree MTQ Master Level 3 /Assessor Level 3. (1) Red Gold Master Arm Band Kuang Rang 9th Degree MTQ Master Level 3 /Assessor Level 3. (2)

Gold - Grand Master Arm Band Kuang Rang 10th Degree.

The MTQ Instructor will be presented by the Master or Grand Master and will be recognised by family and friends at the MSA Award Ceremony at the end of each year.

ON Line Grading

Recently Muay Thai Grading has been increasing under threat due to bad press and a great deal of miss interpretation. Most practitioners who train in Muay Thai have rarely been given the advantage of learning to grade through lack of availability and a lack of understanding and the values that grading can bring to the student.

It has been greatly overlooked due to many students being taught only to fight competatively. The education process of the fighter being different in terms of the processes that are being taught to the student for grading.

In real terms the two things integrate extremely comfortable if taught in the correct way and having the understanding of how these two processes complement each other. There is no doubt both need an extreme amount of dedication and commitment.

A Thinking Fighter

To learn from a grading perspective gives the student a very in-depth understanding of the techniques that are being taught over a longer period of time. Understanding why the technique works and what the techniques are best used for is the key to the development of a fighter and a student or instructor. In Grand Master Sken's words " You cant teach what you don't know" Grading is a formula or a process that can be remembered and studied at a pace that suits most people where competition is a fast learning process at an extremely physical pace that often cuts corners, understandably to help the fighter survive in the ring this is necessary to help the fighter think quickly and make decisions however to learn from the beginning at a slower pace gives an armoury of understanding of techniques and strategy that can help the fighter win or loose.

To teach the competitive side it is advisable to be able to break what you are doing down so therefore be in no doubt of how to use it properly.

The fighters careers can be short lived so it becomes a valuable resource when coming to the end of a fighting career to fall back on teaching. Martial arts students invariable do not give up but often find that although they have been fighting for many years and have a great deal of experience with in the ring sometimes do not possess the confidence to put that knowledge in to being able to teach others.

Grading in Muay Thai has generally been taught in live classes However as times are changing fast people are getting busier having time restrictions work family and other commitments To help bridge these gaps and bring Grading to the student

Grand Master Sken has now taken grading assessment one step further by offering ON Line Tuition with On Line learning resource that can be accessed at any time so that the student can learn 24/7

Master Sken

"I want everybody to learn as much Muay Thai as possible and maintain a high standard with quality techniques and understanding of the sport and its culture. This way is more convenient for the student fitting in with their lifestyle and mixed with live sessions can enhance their training 10 fold. All our MSA Instructors are taught throughGrading levels then continue on to the MTQ for teacher training this does not stop their ability to fight and get experience in the ring it only enhances their knowledge and will to win.


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