Derrick Brown

I joined MSA recently and was made very welcome by all the team I am now training with Grandmaster Sken personal training. If you want to learn more about Muay Thai this is the place to be the opportunity to improve your mind spirit physical fitness and confidence, it has also had a positive effect on other areas of my life such as security which I have done as a living. I started Muay Thai in 1970's and never looked back I have made some great friends all over the world through Martial Arts.

Ian Taylor

I have just found this site. I was a student of Master Sken in the early 80s in Walkden. I moved away and never really got settled back in to Muay Thai, which I do regret, but I would just like to say to Master Sken that his inspiration and respect for others sent me up life's path in a positive manner, believing in myself and respecting others who entered my life. He was my mentor, and I never got the chance to thank him. I would appreciate an update on Master Sken, where he is now, how he is etc. It seems he took England by storm judging on how many camps are in the UK, Cheers. Ian Taylor.

Matt Follain

Many, many thanks... Truly humbled... you are a truly an inspiring mentor and instructor ... and an amazing life coach, looking forward to may 15th when we get to do it all again :-)

Frank Ellul

Master Sken it's always a pleasure to spend time in you and Kay's company. You both deliver brilliant instruction that's truly inspirational for martial artists of any discipline and any age. My wife and I are in our 50s and always leave your presence full of inspiration and a desire to improve our understanding of Muay Thai and ourselves LOL. Much respect from me and Lizzie hope to see you both soon my friend.

Vanessa Brown

If you are looking to improve your fitness, I cannot recommend Master Sken Academy enough. No matter how old you are or even how fit you are, you are always made to feel very welcome at MSA. The lessons are very stimulating (my instructor is Kru Kay) and you always learn something new. I love MSA become the atmosphere isn't intimidating and it's always positive and supportive.

Email from a Student & Friend

"Hi Grand Master Sken,
I just wanted to leave a quick note for you to say how I much I greatly appreciated having the opportunity to train at your gym over the last few years. When I first came to you I was not in a good place mentally or physically and the gym dragged me out of my gloom and made me feel good about myself again. It is truly amazing; it is a better cure than any medicine a doctor could prescribe.

Unfortunately due to work commitments in Birmingham I was forced to quit the gym for a while and gradually the demons (along with being unfit) crept back in. I eventually found a job in Manchester again but didn't come back to training as at that time as I was having issues with the relationship I was in with my then girlfriend of 8 years. Eventually I split from her and being from Scotland and living in Manchester, after I split with her I had no real friends around me when the dark clouds were coming in. Where did I turn in this time of darkness?

So, back to Master Sken's I came, once again to straighten my head and get healthy and feeling good again. This was indeed what happened and after a while of not knowing what to do with my life I made a fast but clear headed decision to move to Australia. My sincerest apologies for not letting the gym know exactly what was going on at the time, but over the period of 8 weeks I had moved out of my home, quit my job, found a job in Australia and was frantically trying to rent my house out in Manchester.

I have now trained in Scotland, Manchester, Thailand and a couple of gyms in Australia and I have to say that the MSA is undoubtedly the best I have ever trained in. I would just like to say a huge thank you to you and everyone at MSA for the kindness and help you have shown me through some of the gloomier days of my life and hope that everything is going well back in Manchester.

I have tried to take with me as much as I could from what I learned with MSA and I try to train for at least one hour every day, for spirit as much as for fitness. And although I was by no means technically gifted I have found that not many trainers can pick up any issues in my basic skill and have also been complemented many times on how I seldom drop my guard, these are just two of the many skills I have gained that can be attributed directly to you and the MSA.

Thanks once again for everything."

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Our Lydney gym is a full time Muay Thai training camp. Our facilities are equipped for your training needs. We have the equipment to condition and develop speed, stamina and strength. We have hanging bags, wave masters, speed ball and lightweights plus a full size boxing ring.

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