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Master Sken Instructor Course Level 2

Simon Green - 20/01/2012

Intensive 30 hour Grand Master Sken MTQ - Muay Thai instructors course, 06/01/2012-16/01/2012.

Dear Grand Master Sken and Kay,

I have been training in Muay Thai for 11 years this year, with KRU Trevor Hine at MSA Chorley, over the last 4 years, i have become involved with helping Trevor teach the kids class, also taking part in demonstrating techniques and assisting in the adult classes at MSA Chorley.

This is something that I have really enjoyed over the past 4 years, it has also inspired me to gain further knowledge and ability in Muay Thai, I spoke to Trevor with regards to this and he recommended that I enquired about the Grand Master Sken MTQ - Muay Thai instructor's course at MSA academy.

I called MSA head quarters and spoke to Kay; Kay was extremely helpful and gave me a great insight towards the course and its contents. I confirmed my booking with Kay, and very shortly after I was emailed the entire course prospectus, along with a 30 hour intensive course programme with Grand Master Sken.

My course was built up of 30 hours over 10 consecutive days, I completed a 1 hour theory session and a 2 hour practical session on a daily bases, I also conducted a class at MSA headquarters whilst being assessed by Grand Master Sken.

Grand Master Sken provides a true and professional education to his students during this course, teaching and passing on his wealth of knowledge in the true art of Muay Thai, with only the highest standards being acceptable.

Grand Master Sken has a unique ability in coaching, bringing out the best in people's ability, and stripping down the mechanics of all techniques to the finest detail, this enables you to understand, teach and execute techniques to perfection.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wishes to become a Muay Thai instructor, as you will gain a vast amount of knowledge in Muay Thai and all of the elements that are required to become a high quality instructor. The MTQ level 2 instructors course will enable you to begin your career as a Muay Thai instructor, it is also a platform to build and develop from.

We are very lucky to have Grand Master Sken in the UK, his knowledge and ability in Muay Thai, Muay Boran are amazing, it is also very rare to get the opportunity to train with a Grand Master outside of Thailand.

Once again I would like to say a massive thank you to Grand Master Sken, Kru Kay and all of the MSA team, for helping me achieve my goal in becoming an MSA instructor, this course was run and taught to a very high standard, within excellent facilities.

Kind regards
Kru Simon Green
MSA Chorley.

William Vaneveld

It was a for me a great sense of achievement having successfully completed the The MSA instructor course. Upon reflection the greatest value derived from the course was not just in the satisfaction itself of attaning the certification and reaching the final goal, but and moreover, having experienced the journey itself under the tutorage and guidance of Grand Master Sken. This was a journey that was not without its challenges, where the student instructor is asked not only to relinquish many aspects of his or knowledge already attained prior to undertaking the course, but also in that he or she will be furthermore tested on any number of levels by Grand Master Sken. The Grand Master asks of his student instructors an in depth consideration of the many and varied aspects of not only Muay Thai, but also Muay Boran and the cultural and historic significance of this great sport upon the identity and formation of the country of Thailand and its development to what it is and has become today. Ultimately, the vision and objective by the end of the course of the student instructor would be how best to formulate and deliver professional, competent and safe practice in Muay Thai. A vision whose aim would in turn be not only of benefit to any prospective student but also to the instructor themselves through their own continued journey of self development, learning and self-awareness.


There is a strong emphasis on discipline throughout the course, as such demonstrated throughout the culture of the Master Sken Academy. There is the requirement of adherence to time keeping, consideration of others, general appearance, and last but not least a general respect shown not only to Grand Master Sken but also to other individuals and peers within the school. This approach undoubtedly renders positive consequences, not least by enforcing an open, accessible, communicative and friendly environment. This consequently renders the necessary boundaries to be put into place to ensure a harmonious, interactive and all round useable and rewarding environment and experience for all. It is a culture which shows through its members that through hard work and effort, 'anything', can be achievable or even possible through the necessary input of dedication and all round passion, and above all a vision. In short what can be witnessed is an all round commitment to excellence and how to be the best you can be whilst honoring and respecting those around you. It was this vision I hope that has rubbed off on me, providing me with a complete and radical re-think in how I go about my own learning and understanding of the many apsects not only of Muay Thai but also in my life in general.


Grand Master Sken was able to inspire me throughout the course, and such inspiration meant that if I myself felt that if I had a vision and indeed a worthwhile goal, then that all of that could be achieved. Such an achievement would however not be realised without the necessary hard work, attention to detail, application of discipline and focus, to name but a few. These were qualities that were taught and aptly modelled within and by the course syllabus leader. The emphasis was on the student instructor to demonstrate quality themselves and then in turn to model this to their prospective students with constant self review, attention to detail, and an ability to be aware that everything the student does matters down to the finest detail.


Many thanks to Grand Master Sken, Kay and all at the Academy who provided me with this invaluable opportunity.

William Vaneveld

I've travelled from Cyprus to attend MSA's MTQ Instructor level 2 course. All I can say is that the level of knowledge, information and wisdom you get out of this course is truly amazing as Master Sken's vast experience in Muay Thai and martial arts in general make him a one of a kind trainer, teacher, mentor. Thank you for everything Master Sken, Kay, Glen and all other instructors that helped throughout this course making this an unforgettable experience that I will treasure forever.

Ross Dimmock

I have just finished my MTQ Level 2 Instructors Course With Grand Master Sken and his brilliant team. I would like to say it has been the best learning experiance in my life and feel honoured to receive my qualification. Not only has it changed the way I train it also has changed the way I think and helped me wth my buisness skills learning how to plan and prepare. As in Grand Master Skens words "Those who fail to plan plan to fail". Thanks you so much to MSA for giving me a huge helping hand in my life and buisness.

Steven Peel

This is a great achievement that has only been possible with the help and support from fellow MSA students, instructors / staff and of course Master Sken and Kru Kay.
The course and my time at MSA has taught me outstanding quality and understanding that has helped to build steady foundations for ongoing learning that will never end.
I am honoured and proud to have achieved this and to be associated with the MSA TEAM.

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