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Great Opportunities

Your hobby in martial arts can be turned it in to your business. The muay Thai Industry can provide a fantastic opportunity to enjoy your work and make a good living.
Salaries will vary by location and the level of qualification attained.
Increasingly people can also create a second income due to the flexibility that the job can offer.


Setting up your business

MSA Courses and support networks offer you the perfect platform to set up your own business. Many of our students have now set up their own business, working the hours they choose in the environment they want to work in

Whatever path you would like to take in your martial Arts Career MSA  will provide you with the skills and support you need.


Why Book with (MSA) Master Sken Academy

Why not become an elite trainer in Muay Thai.

(MSA) Master Sken Academy has established itself as the leading Martial Art Muay Thai training providers for high quality training.
Through our dedication we have created some high quality training modules Muay Thai Martial Arts ensuring that you receive the best and most relevant training necessary that is available.

Each training programme is designed to give you all the skills and qualifications you will need to teach as well as all the knowledge and confidence you would want to be able to succeed.


We will support you through every step of your training

Our dedicated team will give you all the help and guidance you will need while our up and coming on line student zone will allow you 24 access to your training programme

Every student will be able to liaise with us for all your training needs. We will help you to plan and book your training dates and help with any queries along the way.
We will regularly catch up with you to check your progress and will be available by either phone or e mail. You will never be far away from your support network.


Flexible Training so that you can fit it around your life

Our training courses and models are a mixture of week, weekend workshops home study  learning. This enables the student to learn a programme of gradual study giving you time to fully understand the fundamentals of the training creating more confidence and helping with a higher retention pass rate.


Flexible payment methods

Each potential MSA master Sken Academy Instructor will be able to discuss fees and costs and flexible payment terms

1. Pay as you learn
2. Pay a deposit then settle the balance.
3. Pay in full


MSA Master Sken Academy Muay Thai Instructors Training

If you are not fully satisfied working for other people and you are bored with your current job or unemployed MSA Master Sken Academy will help you to enjoy a progressive career with many opportunities.


Martial Arts Muay Thai  Training is becoming one of the fastest growing professions.

There is a great demand for Martial Arts instructors you can either work for a health club become self employed or do a little of both. A number of MSA Master Sken Academy Instructors have gone on to boost their earnings by employing their own team of Muay Thai Trainers which has ultimately resulted in opening there own gyms and related businesses.


MSA Offer three high quality diplomas

The Muay Thai Instructors Diploma MTQ Level 1(Trainee Instructor)  Diploma MTQ Level 2 (MTQ Instructor  Advanced) MTQ Level 3 Advanced(Grand Master Level)

The Advanced diplomas encompasses all that is included in the MTQ Level 1 Diploma with several added elements.

The Muay Thai Instructors Diploma is a programme which will give you the theory and practical skills you will need to become a Muay Thai Instructor. It is a combination of home study and practical modules giving you all the skills you will need to begin your chosen career.
You will benefit from being able to continue to work while being able to study at your own pace.


If you would like further information please Contact us or phone 01594 562626

Gym Membership

Our Lydney gym is a full time Muay Thai training camp. Our facilities are equipped for your training needs. We have the equipment to condition and develop speed, stamina and strength. We have hanging bags, wave masters, speed ball and lightweights plus a full size boxing ring.

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