FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions about joining a Muay Thai Gym

FAQ 1 - Would i get put in the ring to spar straight away?

No we assess what class would suit you best. Most of our students would start in a beginner's class unless they have some previous experience. We are very conscious of health and safety offering all our students an assessment before their classes starts.

FAQ 2 - Will I get put up against expert fighter?

No. All our students are put with people of their own ability. MSA sparring is kept to designated classes where they are monitored by our experienced MTQ Instructors

FAQ 3 - Do I have to be fit to start Muay Thai?

No we get you fit in our classes. We cater for all fitness levels and will help you to achieve your goals at a realistic pace

FAQ 4 - Am I to old to train in Muay Thai?

No certainly not we cater for all ages. Our MSA programmes are tailored towards keep fit and self defence stretching  and mental concentration Most of all you will feel revitalized and motivated after one of our classes

FAQ 5 - Can I loose weight doing Muay Thai?

Muay Thai is a great way of loosing weight not only is it interesting to learn and motivates you it  works all parts of the body giving it a long lean defined appearance. We can help you develop a routine in which you will benefit physically and mentally


Gym Membership

Our Lydney gym is a full time Muay Thai training camp. Our facilities are equipped for your training needs. We have the equipment to condition and develop speed, stamina and strength. We have hanging bags, wave masters, speed ball and lightweights plus a full size boxing ring.

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