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MSA Chorley fighter Sam bell fought C class on the 10/08/13 the show was Thai boxing fight night championship (England vs Italy) it is sanctioned by Golden belt association and the promoter was Johnny T, the venue was Radcliffe Civic suite M26 2UH.


This was Sam’s 7th fight, his record prior to this bout was 1W/1D/4L, Sam was stopped in his last two fights, so on the back of this we have worked extensively on all aspects in his preparation for this fight.

Sam was matched at 63Kg fighting C class Muay Thai rules over 5 x 1.5 minutes, his opponent was Jamie Kangwa from UMA Crewe, they were bout number 3 on the fight card.


Sam has prepared and trained exceptionally well for this fight, he has been training with Grand Master Sken at MSA HQ in the fighters class on Thursdays, MSA Chorley’s senior instructor Kru Trevor Hine,i have also taken him to Kru Matt Thomas at MSA Southport to train in his fighters class, Sam trained in all classes at MSA Chorley and also had private lessons with me on a Sunday, on top of all this Muay Thai training he has been running and swimming, his training and preparation for this fight has been outstanding and consistent over a 7 week period, sam competed in the July inter club at MSA HQ too as part of his fight training.


Fight report

Round 1 – this was a very close fought round with Jamie landing a strong left body kick to Sam’s right ribs – Jamie edged round 1.

Round 2 – Sam raised his game and started to work his technique really well, using his front kick and springing low kicks effectively, again this was a close round however Sam’s techniqueand scoring won him round 2.

Round 3 – The fight was still very close and both fighters very well matched, Sam was listening well to instructions and was in full flow now, using strong body kimage2icks and high kicks wining him round 3.

Round 4 – The doctor checked swelling to Sam’s left shin and he was cleared to continue, again Sam used excellent technique, landing solid body kicks, high kicks, springing low kicks and a good right flying punch to his opponent, at one point Sam landed an excellent left body kick which physically moved his opponent, Sam wins round 4.

Round 5 - Both fighters meet in the centre of the ring and demonstrate respect to each other on what has been a great fight so far, as the bell rings Sam continues where he left off in round 4 by using his full range of Muay Thai technique to control the fight and score, leading him to win round 5 and an overall unanimous points victory.

This fight was very well matched and Sam Bell showed excellent strength both physically and mentally, as well as awesome technical ability to win this fight, Jamie from UMA Crewe was a great opponent and also fought very well (this was a tough contest).

This fight is the start of a new era for Sam Bell, it has put both him and MSA Chorley on the map, Sam has everything it takes to be a successful Muay Thai fighter and i am sure he will rise through the ranks and classes very quickly, onwards and upwards for Sam Bell in a very promising Muay Thai career, he is an exceptional student and is an inspiration and role model to all of our students at MSA Chorley, we are all very proud of him.

I would like to say a big thank you to all that have been involved with Sam’s training.

• Grand Master Sken.
• Kru Trevor Hine.
• Kru Matt Thomas.
• Felipe Garcia.
• Mark Lillie.


Kru Simon

MSA Chorley

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