Sam Bell - MSA Chorley Fighting on Sat 10th August 2013


Meet Sam Bell. Sam trains with Kru Trevor Hine & Kru Simon Green at MSA Chorley.


Sam, 22, has trained with Kru Trevor & Kru Simon for over 8 years now. On Saturday 10th August 2013 he will be competing in his 7th fight at the Radcliffe Civic Suite in Manchester. Sam has prepared and trained exceptionally well for this fight, he has been


training with Grand Master Sken at MSA HQ in the fighters class on Thursdays, i have also taken him to Kru Matt Thomas at MSA Southport to train in his fighters class, Sam has also trained in all classes at MSA Chorley and having private lessons with me on a Sunday, on top of all this Muay Thai training he has been running and swimming, the training and preparation for his fight has been outstanding and consistent over a 6 week period, sam competed in the July inter club at MSA HQ too as part of his fight training.

Sam's commitment and dedication to his training has been truly exceptional, he is 100% ready for this fight, both Trevor and myself and all the students at MSA Chorley are extremely proud of him.

Sam Bell has excellent ability and technique and is a future star of Muay Thai, he wishes to pursue a successful fight career and rise through the ranks and classes.

Sam has had 1 N class fight and 5 C class fights, this will be his 7th fight, he has also trained with us for 8 years. Keep reading for more updates on Team MSA Chorley and their up and coming talent.

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