Sam Bell fight Saturday 16th November

Monday 18th November 2013


Sam could not have been more prepared for this he was both physically and mentally 100% ready, Sam's

sam bell

 bout was number 14 of 16 fights on the night.


The fight started at a fast pace with Cavan coming out and immediately putting Sam on the back foot and catching him early with a body shot which gave Sam an 8 count - this lifted Cavans confidence and he increased the pressure, Sam was dealing with this and was using good foot work and exchanging good strong Muay Thai techniques with Cavan. Unfortunately Cavan landed a good body shot on Sam in the 4th round and Sam could not continue.


We would like to congratulate Cavan and all at JC's Muay Thai gym on winning the vacant North West title.


We would like to take this opportunity to say a massive well done to MSA Chorley fighter Sam Bell, he is the first ever student from MSA Chorley Muay Thai to compete for a title, this in itself speak volumes of Sam's dedication, ability and progression in Muay Thai, Sam is a great inspiration and role model at the gym all of the students are very proud of him.


Sam would like to personally thank all his loyal dedicated fans and fellow students who came to support him on the night and all that have been involved in his training and perpetration.


ssam bSenior Instructor Kru Trevor Hine and Instructor Kru Simon Green, would both like to congratulate Sam on his achievement we are extremely proud of him and are looking forward to seeing him back in the gym. We all know Sam will learn from his experience and know he will be back even bigger and better.


Simon K Green

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