jamesMTQ Pass: Kru James Wilcock

James, well done on passing your MTQ Instructor course, what got you interested in Martial Arts?
My interest in martial arts began in 1982, aged 7, I started shotokan karate, by age 15 I had earned my 1st dan black belt, I moved to Huddersfield and aged 18 began training Muay Thai under the guide of Kru John Webb, GM Kevin Lloyd and GM woody, however the club began to struggle with numbers when our instructor john moved away. I then took a few years out playing different sports, but after having a few injuries, I made the decision to get back into Muay Thai. After looking at a few clubs I found MSA Huddersfield and instantly knew this was where I was to make a new start. After a few sessions my flexibility and technique soon returned. I was a bag of nerves doing my first grading under GM Sken, but with his and Kru David's and all at MSA Huddersfield's words of encouragement, I progressed in grading, helping others, joining the demo team,
Why did you do the MTQ Course?
At the end of last year Kru David asked me if would be interested in doing the MTQ course, after a massive yes I started my course in January this year and passed on the 21st of July 2014, spending time with GM Sken on a one to one basis has been brilliant and hugely inspiring.
What will you do now you have passed?
Looking ahead, I will continue to learn, teach and hopefully inspire others at MSA Huddersfield, and lastly I would like to thank all who helped me achieve my qualification.
Kru James

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