MSA Widnes run 10K for "Anya Bentham Appeal"


MSA Widnes run on Sunday 29th Septmber 2013

After a successful fund raising event in May at the Manchester 10k run for Alzeimers and Cancer research, MSA Widnes are now raising money for the Anya Bentham Appeal. Please click here for information about the appeal.


Kru Lundy and a large group of students will be taking part in a 10K run in Preston on Sunday 29th Septmber 2013 to raise cash for this appeal. MSA Widnes have also said they "will be also be doing more fundraising for this appeal until the NCCA Campagine reach their goal of £250,000 to get Anya to America for treatment". Kru Simon Green of MSA Chorley will also be taking part in the fund raising run, as he has had relations with simillar situation's and travelled to America for the same treatment.

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