MSA Interclub - Last of 2013

Sunday 23rd November


This Sunday we celebrated the last Interclub of 2013 at the Bangkok Bar and Restaurant in Manchester. The event was a massive success and packed out with fighters and spectators from all over the UK - a club came all the way from Ireland to participate! The atmosphere was brilliant, everyone was cheering on their clubs and I'm pretty sure everyone enjoyed the Thai food!


The MSA Team's did us massively proud - from all over and HQ!


The MSA HQ Kids Team came out in force! We would like to say a massive thankskids bangkok to Isaac, Lewis, Lucas, Jack, Mackenzie, Arron, Jake, Sophie, Jaden & George and their families, who brought them to Manchester. All the kids showed excellent technique and listened to their corners brilliantly! They used a variety of punch and kick techniques and some great clinch work! 


The MSA Fight team - Usman, Niall, Sam, Marc & Rob were excellent too - their hard work in the gym has paid off!!


We would like to say a MASSIVE thanks to Master Krin and all the staff at the Bangkok Bar and Restaurant for having us and putting on such a brilliant day.


See you all in 2014 for our next Interclub!


"MSA Chorley would like to thank all the staff at Bangkok bar Manchester and also all the staff at MSA HQ for what was a fantastic interclub at a great venue. MSA Chorley's senior instructor Kru Trevor Hine did a excellent job as the fight inspector in both managing and co coordinating over 100 fighters/instructors, Kru Trevor's contributions along with all other MSA instructors/officials allowed a very busy day to run very smoothly and efficiently. MSA Chorley are very proud of all there fighters who took part (Felipe Garcia, Paul Burns and Phil Ainsworth) they all did very well, we would also like to thanks Sam Bell for helping in the corner and preparing fighters, finally we would like to thank all spectators who came to support the fighters." - Kru Simon Green, MSA Chorley Instructor


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