MSA Interclub Sunday 21st July


 We would like to  give a massive thanks to all the clubs that came to support our event:isaac crop

JC's Gym

Mushin Martial Arts

Shor Chana

Wolfslair Muay Thai

Warrington Muay Thai

MSA Chorley

MSA Huddersfield


MSA Interclub's give students a chance to show off their talent  using their skills in  ring craft in front of an audience, it boosts confidence, self esteem and if wanting to take part in professional events,  it is a step in the right direction to practice & make a name for themselves.

MSA   Interclubs are a sell out event offering a platform to students, to show off  every Muay Thai  technique; we have seen spectacular techniques to marriage proposals! Allowing a range of ages, weights & experienced students to take part  while  Master Sken personally pre matches all the fights.


This month we would like to acknowledge Kru Kay Hampson's kids active fight team. 5 children took part in the event and all put on a fantastic display.

Isaac Fuller, Lewis O'Hagan, Jade Davies, Jodan Thomas & Lewis Towers took part on Sunday.


Isaac & Lewis who has some experience of Interclubs, has grown more confident in the ring, using many more combination  moving in for clinch and knees,  dropping  their opponent in the 2nd round of their fights. Both Isaac & Lewis have experience on their side, their opponents (William from JC GYM & Josh from MSA Huddersfield) did a fantastic job of defending their own corners.


Jake Davies took part in his first Interclub this Sunday. with Leyna from Warrington Muay Thai who both put up a fantastic fight, both showed great technique and ring craft.


Jodan Thomas & Lewis Towers both started training at MSA a mere 2 weeks ago and were both eager to take part in an Interclub as soon as possible. Jodan took part in a demo with Frankie from MSA Huddersfield. Frankie who has taken part in 12 Interclubs previously put on a great show with Jodan, pulling plenty of impressive techniques out and Jodan getting the chance to show off all the skills he has been taught in such a short time!


Lewis Towers fought Jack from Wolfslair Muay Thai. Lewis put on a fantastic display of defense and counter attacks - proving that its all about the QUALITY and skill  attacking  at every oppurtunity


Sunday was a great day for witnessing some great skill, learning some new things & meeting new people from around the country!

we all cannot wait for Sunday 18th August! We shall see you all there!


If you are an MSA Club who has an event or somthing you would like to let everybody to know about please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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