Niko Fight Night 2


MSA Huddersfield had 3 fighters competing at the Niko Fight Night 2 this weekend: - Lucy Lister and Dara niko fight nightMojtahedi were having their first competitive fights, and Karol Stanski returning for his second time. All three fighters had put massive amounts of time and effort in the gym and were physically and mentally ready to go.


First up was Dara, and even with his opponent turning up a over a kilo over weight; it was agreed the fight would go ahead. From the first bell Dara was across the ring and pushing the tempo of the fight. His opponent, Matt Leaning, was throwing flurries of heavy shots in a bid to end the fight early but was soon gassing and on the back foot as Dara continued to advance, with his boxing and push kicks scoring well. The second round was much the same with Leaning throwing good knees and numerous jumping high kicks in the hope of a knockout. By the time the bell rang for round three, both fighters were running out of steam. Dara seized his chance and went after Leaning, landing good boxing and low kicks and rocking his opponent. At the end of round three there could be no doubt Dara had done enough to take the decision and secure MSA Huddersfield first win of the night.


Second up was Lucy, again giving away kilos to her opponent who had travelled all the way from Middlesbrough to make her debut. Seconds into the fight it was clear Jackie Timmins had come to fight and advanced relentlessly towards Lucy. The pair traded shot for shot for the first two rounds, both landing some good hard shots, but Lucy's clean boxing and timing of body kicks was edging the scoring. As Lucy left her corner going into the 3rd round she knew the fight was close and had to earn the win. Again, Timmins was across the ring looking to be the aggressor, Lucy dug deep and landed shot after shot, including a perfect overhand right, a turning back fist and a solid right high kick to the face, but to everyone's surprise Timmins kept coming. At the final bell, the decision to give Lucy the win was greeted by deafening cheers from the large crowd, who appreciated an absolute war between 2 excellent fighters.


Finally after a long wait, Karol Stanski was up in his light heavy weight title eliminator against a tough opponent in Lee Talbot. Both fighters looked ready as they stared off across the ring, and straight from the 1st bell the shots from both fighters were accurate and powerful, with Talbot throwing heavy boxing and heavy low kicks, it was Karol's movement that kept him out of danger. Moving into the 2nd round both fighters were tiring but the tempo of the fight remained the same, with Talbot's low kicks being answered by Karol's spinning back fists and axe kicks. Karol was leading on points, however Talbot was always a threat of landing a knockout blow so as the 3rd round started Karol took unquestionable control of the fight. Combination after combination put Talbot down twice, the second time looking out on his feet, but his toughness shone through as he screamed at the ref to carry on. Talbot showed absolute heart and fought to the final bell. As Karol's hand was raised MSA Huddersfield Thai boxing had secured 3/3 wins on the night.


All fighters were an absolute credit to themselves and their club, showing talent, dedication and good conduct at all times.


Well done guys, Kru Rick Haw.

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