MSA Grading 

Saturday 5th October 2013



What a fantastic afternoon! The Grading day kicked off with a fabulous demonstration from MSA msa h field demoHuddersfield which included a wide variety of Muay Thai techniques and a brilliant 2 man Muay Boran demo which were amazing to watch. If you are heading down to the martial arts expo - you have a treat in store! Read more here. The Grading then began with a meaningful pep talk from Grand Master Sken to all the students taking part that day. The Students at white armband were then called up and the grading began...


What a grading it was! We would like to say a massive WELL DONE to all the students that took part in the MSA Grading, all 8 Students that graded were of such high quality - every student DOUBLE GRADED!


grading lot

Allan Adham - Green to Blue/White - MSA HQ

Kris Farrell - Brown/White to Brown/Green - MSA Liverpool (Kru Keith)

Joshua Connor - White to Green- MSA Liverpool (Kru Keith)

Frankie Martin Stuart - Brown/White to Brown/Green- MSA Huddersfield (Kru David) 

Leah Stocks - Brown/white to Brown/Green- MSA Huddersfield (Kru David)

Joshua Doyle - White to Green- MSA Huddersfield (Kru David)

Elliott Shaw - White to Green - MSA Huddersfield (Kru David)

Jake Ellis - Blue/White to Brown/White - MSA Huddersfield (Kru David)


allanAllan Adham also received 'Grading of the Day' and was awarded a free Private Lesson with Grand Master Sken.


Fantastic afternoon - keep up the good work, you are all well on your way to becoming Red Bands :-).



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