MSA Grading 28.06.14

Chelsea and Jayden graded from white to yellow in the under 16 syllabus they both preformed really well.28 06 2014
Marion graded from green to blue in the under 16 syllabus, Marion was well prepared knowing all her theory and showing good technique in her practical test.
Scott and Anthony graded from white to Yellow in the adult syllabus again both students did very well. All their hard work paid off leading to Scott double grading to Green arm band, both Scott and Anthony have put a lot of work in by putting in extra training sessions in the gym and practicing their grading syllabus.
Sophia graded from green to blue in the adult syllabus again Sophia was well prepared knowing all of her theory and applied her practical techniques well.
The star student from MSA Stockport was Scott Marriott who double graded to Green armband.

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