MSA First Aid Course 

Course held at MSA Master Sken Academy Stockport Taught by First Aid Stockport - Head Trainer - Jo Anne Moore

On Sunday 11th August 2013 ,


MSA Instructors from across the UK came to participate in their annual First Aid Course. Being massively important that the MSA instructors are continually improving and following the updates and changes made in First Aid every year.


"The First aid course shows how the different techniques taught have real life saving benefits"

First Aid Course 2013

During the day, the Instructors were taught how to perform techniques in First Aid and what they could come across in everyday situations and how to adapt the techniques if there were incidences whilst teaching Muay Thai, brakes and sprains, bruising bleeding and bandages were all covered including in depth practices covering .CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) emergency procedure involving chest compression's breaths into the casualties (practiced on life size dummies) nose/mouth to get air into the lungs when a patient has stopped breathing and the heart has stopped pumping.
First Aid Stockport - Head Trainer Jo Anne Moore is an excellent teacher extremely engaging and includes everybody on the course. Mostly practical her exuberance and passion for what she does made the learning all the more enjoyable.
The day was a great success; everyone who took part couldn't praise Jo Anne enough


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