MSA Muay Thai Award Ceremony 2014


MSA 2014 Award Ceremony Sunday 23rd November 2014.

Ceremony 2014

The Award Ceremony was held at the Bangkok Bar in Manchester, a fantastic venue with bar and Thai food. We would like to give a massive thank you to GM Kriangsak Sirisambhand and Nong Diane Sirisambhand who made it all possible by giving us the opportunity to celebrate our annual event in such style. 
Attending the event this year were MSA Clubs from all over the country. Each club brought their own members family and friends to celebrate.
Attending this year were 
MSA Headquarters Stockport – Grand Master Sken - Kru Kay- Kru Glen Tabois Kru - Steven Peel - Kru Simon Green & Corrina Bennett
MSA Huddersfield – Kru David Riley & his demo team 
MSA Chorley – Kru Trevor Hine
MSA Widnes – Kru Paul & Kru Kirsty Lund
MSA Liverpool – Kru Keith Tytherington 
MSA Chelmsford – Kru Rob Sanders
Our MSA Clubs that unfortunately unable to attend but were certainly not forgotten were:
MSA Horsham – Kru Daniel Ivarson
MSA London – Kru Lassal Gayle 
MSA Brighton – Kru Andrew Scriven 
We would like to thank all who were at the event yesterday. Especially Kru David Riley from Huddersfield who performed a fantastic demonstration with his senior student’s juniors and little Dragons.
We have also celebrated five new MTQ Instructors this year. 
From MSA Widnes 
Kru Greer Robson 
Kru Rory Robertson
Kru Andrew McMaster
From MSA Huddersfield
Kru James Wilcock
MSA Stockport 
Kru Akhtar Hameed
A massive well done and certainly very well deserved, all of whom have worked exceptionally hard to achieve such high standards 
The Highest MSA Award went to 
Kru Lundy Awarded Rank Red & Green 4th khan
Kru David Riley Awarded Rank Red & Green 4th khan
Both exceptional Instructors who have worked tirelessly creating instructors doing charity work and demonstration and have gone the extra mile for their clubs students and ultimately MSA.
We look forward to 2015 where we will be hosting our next MSA End of Year Ceremony. We look forward to seeing you all there. 
Best wishes for 2015 
Grand Master Sken Kru Kay & All at MSA

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