MSA Chorley Muay Thai Demonstration

MSA Chorley Muay Thai demo in aid of Derian House

 Chorley Demo

On Sunday the 28/10/2012, MSA Chorley provided a Muay Thai demonstration at Mr Chorley body building competition, the event was in aid of Derian House children's hospice in Chorley, and was held at Chorley football club, the event was organised by Xfit gym and pasquills gym.MSA Chorley's demonstration took part during the 10 minute interval, during the allocated time; we applied the full range of Muay Thai techniques. Kru Trevor Hine organised and co ordinate the demonstration team, he also was the Muay Thai compare, using his wealth of knowledge to explain the techniques to the crowd, tell them all about MSA Chorley and explain the art of Muay Thai. Our demonstration team delivered and displayed top quality Muay Thai techniques and represented MSA Chorley exceptionally well. The biggest cheer of the night was for our junior students, who really got the crowd going and their performance was outstanding.The MSA demonstration team was as follows: Adults Kru Trevor Hine Kru Simon Green Sam Bell Felipe Garcia Jamie Gaskell Matt Tunstall Juniors Jazmin Charfe - Turner Teegan Charfe - Turner Ysabel Green Olivia Green

We would like to say a big thank you to all involved with the demonstration including the parents, Laura Charfe - Turner, Alan Turner and Louise Green, who were a great help on the night.


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