MSA Chesterfields Lyndsey Blunkett Wins by Stoppage

Last weekend saw Lyndsey Blunkett from Chesterfield win her first Muay Thai fight by TKO in the fourth round.
Lyndsey Blunkett, who has been training at MSA Chesterfield Muay Thai for the last 3 years, took on Tamera10001564 323719727782391 8693859694689316943 n Rose from the Predators gym at the Muay Thai showcase in Ashby De La Zouch.
Both fighters come out strong, Lyndsey has the reach advantage catching Tamera with some nice body kicks and boxing combinations. Tamera is more of a counter fighter working the low kicks as Lyndsey moves forward.
Both fighters rush to take the centre of the ring. There is a nice exchange of kicks. Lyndsey takes control of the ring. Tamera is using low kicks to counter Lyndseys forward movement but Lyndsey wobbles Tamera with a strong right cross to the jaw. The round closes with Lyndsey pushing the pace.
Tamera comes out strong pushing Lyndsey back, Lyndsey takes control of the fight with a right body kick to right cross combination. Lyndsey really finds her range in this round catching Tamera with alot of heavy punches.
Lyndsey comes out confident putting the pressure on Tamera catching her with solid straight punches. Lyndsey realises Tamera is hurt and picks up the pace.A right low kick to right cross staggers Tamera. Tamera tries to fight back but Lyndsey catches her with a right hook. The referee jumps in and gives a 8 count but Tamera is unable to continue.
Lyndsey spoke about her fight and experience this evening:
"I thought my fight went really well. My Boxing felt really strong and connected with a high percentage of my punches. Some of which nearly took her head off. I connected with some good kicks and had particular success with the rear body kick to superman combo.
I used my interclub experience to keep calm, confident and composed which I think helped alot. I was more nervous going over the top rope and doing the Ram Muay as this was something new. When she didn't do a Ram Muay my confidence grew.
It was a fantastic experience and the buzz you get when the ref stops the fight and raises your hand is unbelievable. I had trained hard for this opportunity and truly grateful and pleased on how it went.

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I have a great coach in Kru Neil Maltby and a great training partner in Joe Etherington who constantly pushes me. I feel like my confidence has grown because of this win and I couldn't believe the volume of support I received from everyone. It wasn't until the weekend I realised that MSA is like a family and not a bunch of clubs under the same umbrella. Honestly I do feel blessed.

My plans are to continue training and improve my kicks. I would definitely have another fight but in the meantime I will continue to train hard and do more interclubs as they are valuable experience."
Everyone from MSA would like the congratulate Lyndsey on her fantastic WIN!

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