Master Sken Awarded Grandmaster Title - The 5th World Martial Arts Festival March 17th 2009

Master Sken Awarded Grandmaster Title

Master Sken has now been officially recognized as Grandmaster Sken. For over 50 years Grandmaster Sken's life has been devoted to Muay Thai he has pursued perfection in developing his skills in the art, generously giving his knowledge to his student’s, fighters and instructors throughout the world. His unrivalled skills have been legendary to all who practice the art of Muay Thai as well as other martial arts disciplines.

He is the true Grandmaster of Muay Thai - Thaiboxing.

Granmaster Sken

Master Sken's presentation to become Grandmaster was held in Ayutthaya, one of Thailand’s ancient capitals which playe host to the 5th world martial art festival for the annual Wai Kru ceremony organized by the KMA and AITMA.

On the day many Muay Thai and martial arts enthusiasts gathered to pay homage to their teachers and their masters of the sport.

Held on the nearest Sunday to the 17th of March, the day is known in Thailand as ‘Boxers Day’ or ‘National Muay Thai Day’. Commemorating the legendary Nai Kanom Thom, who was believed to have defeated a series of 10 Burmese opponents in one day.  According to Thai history the Burmese King then gave him his freedom as a reward.

After Brahmin priest and his acolytes chanted their respects at the altar and blessed those that were present. Grandmaster Sken paid homage after which he received blessings from his Grandmasters some of whom were his teachers when he attended Srinakharinwiroj Physical Education University, Patumwan,Bangkok in 1974.

To conclude Mr Chinawut Sirisomphan (Master Woody) Chairman of KMA and AITMA then led all those who were present in the swearing of an oath to be loyal to oneself, to one’s family and friends, one’s teachers and to the art of Muay Thai.

Grandmaster Sken was also presented 'The Golden Trophy of Nai Khanom Thom' one of the highest awards given in Muay Thai. This was for his long service and contribution to promoting Muay Thai both in the United Kingdom and around the world. The ceremony was held at Srinakharinwiroj PE University, Bangkok and presented by The Minister of culture of Thailand.

Grandmaster Sken would like to give his thanks and gratitude to all the people involved on the day and special thoughts to those who have been there to support and help him through his years in Muay Thai.

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