Lucy Lister Wins in Manchester

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Lucy Lister from MSA Huddersfield with Kru David Riley, took part in Johnny t's show at the Radcliffe Civic Suite in Manchester on Saturday 16th August 2014. Lucy dominated the fight and I caught up with her after the event to find out a bit more about her and how she thought the evening went:


Lucy, well done on your WIN, when did you get into Martial arts and what got you interested?

"Thank you. I have been doing martial arts since I was 8 (mainly karate), but wanted to try something different. Someone told me about MSA Huddersfield Thai Boxing, all about Kru Dave Riley & Grand Master Sken. It sounded really good so I contacted Dave and gave it a go. I've not looked back since. I've been training at MSA Huddersfield for around 2 years. I love every aspect of Muay Thai: the training, the competing, grading & meeting new people."


How have you felt preparing, during and after the fight?

"I trained really hard running up to my fight. I worked with all my instructions Kru Leon Shaw, Kru James Wilcock and Kru David Riley. I also attended fighter’s class sessions at MSA HQ. I work full time as a nurse so I train in between morning, evening etc. I also went my local gym, I enjoyed running and long walks with my dog. I felt probably the best I ever have been when it came to fight & was fitter than ever. I reached below weight at 57.7 kg but still felt strong. I feel extremely elated excited, and I was buzzing for days after my fight. I loved seeing everyone's faces, my instructors, family and friends, and knowing that I have done them proud, that's best feeling of all!"


What do you hope to achieve from training (belts, instructor etc)? And what’s next for you?

"I will keep training, keep competing and will hopefully grow and learn as a fighter. Everyone I train with is fantastic and I love learning from them & working with them to develop on my weaknesses. I would like to continue to grade and you never know, one day, become an instructor!! I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone at Master Sken HQ for all the support and training. I'll keep on coming down to see you all!"


We'd like to wish Lucy massive congratulations and all the best in her Muay Thai future

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