MSA Grading

Saturday 16th November 2013


We would like to say a massive congrats to the students who took part in the last grading of 2013!! 

16 11 2013 small

They will start 2014 with a new armband - and every body double graded!


After hearing every student double graded you can imagine the standard of the technique on the day. All the students had taken part in the Grading classes and private sessions to prepare for the grading, held by Grand Master Sken at MSA HQ.


All the students did a fantastic job at the grading but James Wilcock from MSA Huddersfield stood out in Grand Master Sken's eyes and walked away with highest grading of the day and also received a free private lesson with Grand Master Sken.


Here at MSA HQ we are personally feeling proud of our own Jorge Alvartt who has been training for around 2 jorgeyears now and took part in his first grading on Saturday. We are all pleased that all the time and effort he had put in for the day had paid off - he walked in the gym with a White band and walked out Green band!


We will post the date of 2014's first grading in the near future - make it your new years resolution to achieve a new arm band in 2014 (maybe even more :-) !!)

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