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Grand Master Sken is teaching Muay Thai  classes at his full time gym in Parkend Nr Lydney Gloucestershire GL15 4JA

Classes are held throughout the week Monday Tuesday Wednesday 7.15 pm & Thursday 7 pm Personal training Seminars & Courses are available. If you would like more information about Gtand Master Sken take a look at our website


MSA Master Sken Academy in Parkend Lydney , dedicated to Muay Thai - Thai Boxing. We offer Muay Thai classes to suit all ages, sizes and abilities. 

 Our clubs are designed to meet all your needs, giving that extra special attention by offering high quality Personal Training effective for keep fit weight loss and competition - taught by Grand Master Sken and his team. read more.  If you would like further information about what we can offer you please contact us on HQ - 0161 429 9660 - Lydney  01594 562626  or 07988618815 where we can give you more information about what we do.



Kru Neville Grant regularly holds seminars with Grand Master Sken


Kru Neville Grant brought 10 of his students down to MSA HQ for an intensive 2 hour seminar with Grand Master Sken.


Grand Master Sken and Kru Neville have known each other for many years He has trained with Grand master Sken on many occasions. Kru Neville has his own club where he Instructs Muay Thai classes and private lessons.


The seminar kicked off with Master Sken giving an inspirational talk on mental training and becoming a Champion in life, he talked indepth about how Muay Thai can be used in and out of the ring for ring sport and for training in the class. All of the students enjoyed perfecting the basics stance, co-ordination, balance and being able to learn how to be creative with the techniques given. Punch, knee, kick, and elbow combined, with combinations relating to the famous "Ramon Dekker"  "Dutch World 


Muay Thai Champion" and how he used his boxing techniques so effectively.


The Seminar ended with plenty of pictures with Grand Master Sken and good wishes as the Gloucester Team head back over 130miles home.


We would like to thank Kru Neville and his students for coming over to the MSA Headqurters. We hope to see you again very soon.

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