Felipe Garcia WIN!

Felipe Garcia fought N class over 3 x 2minute rounds against Lewis Hall from Super Gym Knutsford on the following show: 

Shins of Steele on the 15/09/13, Queens Theatre, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, ST6 4JH.

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Fight report

Round 1. The fight started at a very high pace with both fighters exchanging good technique this was a very close fought round with Felipe using excellent boxing and Lewis being strong with his clinch work and knees.

Round 2. The fight continued at a high pace with Lewis again using strong clinch work and knees, Felipe responded again with excellent pressure with kicking and boxing.

Round 3.  Both fighters greeted each other in the centre of the ring for the 3rd and final round, Lewis came out very strong but Felipe rode the storm and was again putting pressure on Lewis and putting him on the back foot with boxing and low kicks.  Felipe began to cancel out Lewis’s clinch work combinations leading to Lewis receiving an 8 count very close to the end of the round.

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and knee with boxing.

The fight went to the judges’ score cards and Felipe won by unanimous point’s decision.   This was a very tough fight and Lewis was a very tough opponent, Felipe showed excellent strength, character and fitness and he also used superb technique to win this fight.

Kru Trevor Hine, Kru Simon Green and all the students at MSA Chorley are very proud of Felipe and would like to congratulate him on his win.


1175436 308779089262327 1988643187 nWe would like to thank all that have been involved with Felipe’s training and especially to Sam Bell who was Felipe’s training partner.   Sam was also a valuable part of the corner team on the day. We would like to say a massive thank you to all the supporters that came to the show, you were all great and gave Felipe the support he deserved.


We would also like to thank Grand Master Sken for all his help during Felipe’s preparation for this fight and his continued support.


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