Felipe Garcia fighting at John Steele's: "Shins of Steele"

Felipe Garcia from MSA Chorley

Felipe, 27, has trained with MSA Chorley for 6 years. Felipe is an excellent student with excellent ability he shows felipegreat commitment and dedication and fits all his training in around his work shifts and personal life.


Felipe has prepared and trained exceptionally well for his fight, he has been training with Grand Master Sken at MSA HQ in the fighters class on Thursdays, Trainer Kru Simon Green has been taking Felipe to Kru Matt Thomas at MSA Southport to gain valuable experience against his fighters . Felipe trains in all classes at MSA Chorley and  private lessons with Kru Simon on  Sunday's,  he has been running and going to the gym in preparation for his fight,and has been outstanding and consistent.


Felipe’s commitment and dedication towards his training has been truly exceptional, he is 100% ready, both Kru Trevor, Kru Simon and all the students at MSA Chorley are extremely proud of him, we would like to wish him the best of luck for his upcoming fight.


Show Venue:
Queens Theatre, 

ST6 4JH.
Doors open at 1pm first fight is 2pm.sam felipe
Ticket Information:
Tickets can be purchased from Kru Trevor Hine and Kru Simon Green.
Tickets are £25 each.

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