The Benefits of a Muay Thai Personal Trainer

Muay Thai training enhances the mind, body and spirit leaving you revitalized  and energized it also improves your overall fitness level, cardiovascular health, strength, flexibility, endurance, posture, balance and coordination. 

By exercising regularly you will gain healthy muscles, bones, and joints
it will help to burn off calories and give you a better ability to cope with stress improving your ability to fall asleep and sleep well
As you get older exercise will keep you strong and help you to move around more easily
reducing the feelings of depression and anxiety and Increasing your energy; mental accuracy  making you sharper and faster thinking.


Personal Trainers

If you have the right Muay Thai personal trainer they will always encourage you to learn new skills through specialised training programmes at a pace that will suit you  Mauy Thai personal trainers can act as a doorway to new personal growth  helping you uncover new insights about yourself and find potential you didn't realize you had.

Here at MSA  we pride ourselves on our coaching skills and our personal Muay Thai trainers will monitor your progress and fine-tune your program as you go so that you will always feel you want to come back for your next session.

Gym Membership

Our Lydney gym is a full time Muay Thai training camp. Our facilities are equipped for your training needs. We have the equipment to condition and develop speed, stamina and strength. We have hanging bags, wave masters, speed ball and lightweights plus a full size boxing ring.

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