Muay Thai and Muay Boran: A Brief Introduction

Muay Thai is a full contact sport that is also known as the Art of the Eight Limbs*. This is because in addition to feet and hands, extensive use is made of the knees and elbows both in attack and defence. [*However, Grandmaster Sken calls it the Art of the Nine Limbs – to include the most important "limb" i.e. the mind.]


Because of the use of 'the eight limbs', a Muay Thai expert will be proficient at all ranges – close/short, medium and long. Muay Thai as a ring sport is not the complete Thai martial art. Grandmaster Sken is trying to bring back some of the Muay Boran (Thailand's ancient art of battlefield combat) techniques which have been neglected by many Muay Thai fighters. Happily, Saenchai Sor Kingstar – one of the very best Muay Thai champions (who received 5 'Fighter of the Year' awards in 2008 alone plus Thailand's 2009 Sports Personality accolade) – is another advocate of reviving the use of Muay Boran techniques in the ring. Some Muay Boran techniques, however, will remain illegal (or will score no points) in Muay Thai competitions. These include throws, locks and groundwork. Notwithstanding, these very techniques would add to the repertoire of Muay Thai fighters who go on to train and compete in mixed martial arts (MMA).


In Muay Thai there are no formal sets of movements such as karate katas or Kung Fu patterns. Students develop their speed, rhythm, appreciation of timing and distance by continual sparring both pre-arranged and free. The Ram Muay or ritual dance is taught by way of tradition and to assist fighters in their pre-fight warm up.


Increasingly, we will be presenting articles which will go into the Thai martial arts in greater depth. Watch this space!

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