MSA - Master Sken Academy in 2011

Training systems for adults and kids that excite and keep you fit and motivated whatever your goals are.


Grand Master Sken MTQ Instructors programmes delivering quality Muay Thai Instruction at all levels. Especially developed for those who would like to pursue a different career in 2011 Courses and seminars Explosive training for everybody throughout 2011 Training with the legendary Grand Master Sken.


Interclubs and events to excite any competitor.


We look forward to seeing you all in 2011.


Look out for our 2011 news letter and updates coming soon.

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Our Lydney gym is a full time Muay Thai training camp. Our facilities are equipped for your training needs. We have the equipment to condition and develop speed, stamina and strength. We have hanging bags, wave masters, speed ball and lightweights plus a full size boxing ring.

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